Our Work

Development to Distribution


Narrative Features

We write or find a script that makes us think of nothing else but bringing it to life. We dream big in development. We dig into the script and make sure the story moves and compels. We match words on the page to a visual plan. Pre-production is a time for focus and curation. We implement the production plan and summon the best possible talent to make it happen. Filming is a Herculean effort combined with intense collaboration. We stay true to the original vision but always pay close attention to the realities of the day. #ObstaclesLeadTheWay. Post-production is the final chapter of refinement. We enjoy our big debut while our marketing strategy supports our distribution platforms. The film has found it's audience. We pop champagne and reignite the hunt for a new script that grabs us and won't let go.

Short Docs

Good storytelling is the core ingredient for any great video. And as all the recent trends reveal,

Creating high quality, compelling video content can literally catapult a campaign or initiative forward unlike any other medium.
— Entreprenuer Magazine

We apply our narrative filmmaking skills to short-form documentary style content. We love helping artists, entrepreneurs and businesses tell their story; whether it be a formal About Us Video for your website or a Video Campaign on social media that delights your fan base.

#MakeYourMovie Vlog

We are passionate about creative process. ICF Producer, Katie Hyde, uploads a now-weekly (once daily) vlog that tackles the subject of creative resistance and gives detailed how-to-make-a-film instructions. The video series is catered to other filmmakers and independent artists who are encouraged to tune in and stick with the process of manifesting their own creative ideas.

The vlog was born in June 2016 while ICF was in development with the feature film BEFORE / DURING / AFTER. The film is currently in post production and the vlog has tracked it's progress on an almost-daily basis from Day 1. Katie also dives into ICF's short film ALL CHOKED UP (also in post) as well as her writing process for an upcoming feature: JANE HOLLYWOOD.

The vlog has been featured by No Film School and New York Women In Film and Television.