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Indie City Films Production Diary Takes You A-Z Through Producing a Film.
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A Film Producer's Video Diary

Watch producer Katie Hyde's video blog that chronicled the the making of ICF's most recent narrative feature

"Before / During / After." 


Bonus Clip! Check out Finnerty and I in the film MORNING GLORY! POST MORTEM is Latin for "After death" - well our film Before/During/After is alive and well, but now is a great time to go over the lessons learned in the various stages of production.
My second "post production" meeting with Finn. While the directors continue to work on their cut, Finn and I meet to discuss next-steps for the film. The list is growing!
Straight up how-to info on becoming a SAG signatory production! I cover signing up with SAG, working with a payroll company as well as how to cast Sag actors with agents. Useful Links:
Seven pages in a twelve hour day, so far, has been our stride. Today, though, we need to do ten pages. It's an ambitious day and I'm not only producing but acting.
Lots of puzzle pieces had to come together to make today happen, but it was worth it! Thanks to Prospect Park for being our host. Thanks to the Penny and Finnerty families for traveling from afar to join us. Thanks to Panavision for the Super Wide Angle Fish Eye Lens, which captured GORGEOUSNESS.
This question always rears it's ugly head around this time of pre-production: "Should we push the shoot?" - Guess what my answer is?